You Done Messed Up! with A-Aron

By: Aaron Shariq

Sports stories that leave followers scratching their heads are almost always the most fun to read.  Whether it’s an organizational blunder, or a player that can’t help but do something stupid, the sports world has a way of making its fans say, “Huh?” I’m here to tell you that I don’t get it either!  In this installment of You Done Messed Up! with A-Aron I will focus on a sports team that Chicago fans love to hate, a father whose love for his sons rival his love for himself and a crushing blow for a loyal fan base.

The Chicago Bulls are reaching new lows this year.  They finally made a move at the trade deadline, something the organization does not do often; and after this result I hope they continue to make it a rarity.  The Bulls traded away Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott for a second-round pick, Joffrey Lauvergne, Anthony Morrow and trade headliner Cam Payne.  Gibson is a starting caliber power forward, was the Bulls longest tenured player and he led the team FG% leader at 52%.  McDermott was always judged by his selection as the 11th overall draft choice in 2014.  Though he never lived up to the hype of being selected 11th overall, McDermott was still a solid rotational player.  Both players were not superstars, or even all-stars but they were NBA talent.  The Bulls gave up a starter and a rotational player for Payne, clearly there was an evaluation stating Payne was worth a fair amount.  Contrary to the pre-trade evaluation, Payne has been sent down to the D-league by the Bulls.  Either they don’t know how to coach a young player up or they have no idea how to evaluate talent and make a fair trade, either way you done messed up, GarPax!


Father of the year? Not quite.  LaVar Ball states his children are the reason he continues to speak out to the Media, saying he wants to build an empire for them to ensure they never struggle.  Let’s get something straight, LaVar’s children may be the reason LaVar CAN talk to the media but they are not the reason WHY he is talking to the media.  LaVar is eating up every single second of his 15 minutes.  If his comments were all geared towards building up his sons he would have no need to make the ridiculous claim that he could take Jordan one-on-one.  LaVar would have no need to attack Charles Barkley either, his kids have nothing to do with either of those claims.  Those stories weren’t about the Ball kids, they were about LAVAR.  LaVar quickly dismissed the NCAA tournament loss of his eldest son, Lonzo, saying the HE (LaVar) has two more chances to win the tournament, the younger ball kids.  If it was really about Lonzo, he would be building his son up in this moment of defeat, not dismissing him.  LaVar needs to stop acting like a complete fool, shut his mouth and allow the play of his children do the talking.  You done messed up, LaVar! 


Some of sports most loyal fans currently reside in Oakland, California.  They have stuck with their team through thick and an abundance of thin.  Oakland Raider fans were finally rewarded for their patience last year with the team’s first playoff appearance since 2002.  Derek Carr is a true franchise quarterback, the 2014 second-round pick was a contender for MVP until he went down with a broken fibula last season.  Things were looking up for the Raiders and Raider fans were excited for the future.  Fast forward to now and the loyal Raider Nation members have been rewarded with the relocation of their favorite team and the worst part is the Raiders will flaunt their success in Oakland for the next 1-3 seasons while the Las Vegas stadium is being built! Seahawks punter Jon Ryan summed the move up perfectly with this tweet…

You done messed, Mark Davis!

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