LaVar’s Big Night, Sorry Lonzo

By: Aaron Shariq

Once again, LaVar Ball can’t help but run his mouth.  Lonzo Ball was taken with the 2nd overall pick in this year’s draft by the Los Angeles Lakers but once again the headlines belonged to LaVar, not Lonzo.  After his son was drafted, LaVar was interviewed and guaranteed his son would lead the Lakers to the playoffs.  The Lakers have not seen playoff basketball since the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs, quite the streak for a rookie to put an end to.

Lonzo Ball received an impressive accolade by getting selected 2nd overall in such a deep draft, on top of the level of talent and work it takes simply to be drafted to the NBA.  Draft night should have been Lonzo’s night, plain and simple, there is no reason his big mouthed father should have even been given a platform to continue living through his son.  But, of course, with media outlets searching for ratings LaVar was sought out for comments where his mouth wrote another big check that his son would have to cash.  If you’re not as tired of LaVar as I am, you can find his comments here.

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