John Fox, I’m over You

When Ryan Pace hired John Fox back in 2015 I was genuinely excited.  Just like in most instances the organization went polar opposite from their previous coach, Marc Trestman was the goofball who had no control or sense of how an organization should be run.  Fox can control a locker room, prepare a team the right way and build a competitive football team with a competitive coaching staff.  Those skills were on display the first year with Fox controlling the headset in Chicago and expected the same in year two.  

We talk about “high ceilings” in sports all the time and with Fox the Bears were receiving a coach that would have a high floor meaning things were only suppose to get so bad.  Year two was a rough one with the Bears finishing a franchise worst 3-13 and Fox’s job was brought into question.  Going into this season I hadn’t joined the fire John Fox train because he was running a team with 19 players on injured reserved many of whom were key contributors.  Two weeks into this season, I can admit I was wrong and John Fox needs to go.  

After the ass-kicking the Bears received yesterday, Fox refused to hold his players accountable.  Good coaches don’t blame injuries, good coaches don’t steer away from holding their quarterback accountable and good coaches don’t go 0-8 in september football since taking over the team.  

Going into a season with all your players healthy and the entire offseason to prepare, the team should look the part of a prepared team and not dig itself an early hole that’s hard to climb out of.  One of the players that is helping the Bears lose and dig an early hole this year is quarterback Mike Glennon.  Glennon did not earn the starting role, he was given the job because he was suppose to take care of the ball and not hurt the team.  Glennon has not been good at what he was supposedly good at and Fox refused to hold him accountable.  At the very least, make your players better with competition, giving handouts will not help your football team and will result in ultimately losing the respect of your locker room.  

The John Fox experiment has not worked in Chicago and has run its course, it’s time to look to the 2018 season when the Bears announce their next head coach.

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