Eddie Jackson Makes History on the Anniversary of His Broken Leg

Ryan Pace took a chance this past April, drafting Alabama safety and return man Eddie Jackson in the fourth round.  The talent of the rookie defensive back was never in question but he found himself missing time often throughout his collegiate career with injuries.  His most recent injury occurred on October 22nd, 2016 when Jackson broke his leg while returning a punt against Texas A&M.  

A year later, Jackson is breaking NFL records as a member of the Chicago Bears.  In today’s 17-3 Victory over the Carolina Panthers, Jackson scored two 75-plus-yard defensive touchdowns becoming the first player in NFL history to do so.  His first touchdown occurred after Curtis Samuel mishandled a pitch from Cam Newton.  The ball was knocked around until Jackson scooped it at the Panther’s 25-yard-line and returned it 75 yards to the house.

Jackson’s second touchdown occurred when Newton tried to force a ball into a covered Kelvin Benjamin.  Prince Amukamara was on the coverage and batted the ball into the air, Jackson chased down the ball for the interception and returned it 76 yards while placing a nice juke move on Newton on his way into the end zone.

Chicago won the game by 14 points, the number of points Jackson managed to score himself.  The safety position has been a big question mark for the Bears in recent years and Eddie Jackson looked every part of the answer today.  

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