“Hell No,” Kyrie Doesn’t Regret His Comments to Fan in Philly

Kyrie Irving has taken on the role of villain this year after requesting a trade to get him out of Cleveland this offseason.  Since the decision to move himself out of Cleveland, Irving has been receiving heat on a national stage.  

On his way to the locker following a 102-98 Celtics victory over the Philadelphia 76ers a fan shouted, “Kyrie, where’s LeBron?” Irving was not amused, shouting back at the fan, “Suck my d***!”  The exchange was recorded and has since gone viral.   

After the video was released, Irving was asked whether or not he regretted the exchange with the fan, to which he replied, “Hell no.”

I’m 100% on Irving’s side here.  Fans are allowed to scream whatever they please at players while they are on the court or in this case coming off of it and the athletes are expected to keep their mouth shut.  In all other walks of life, people would be allowed to bark back and just because Irving is a professional athlete doesn’t mean he has to take verbal abuse from spectators.  

Find Irving’s full comments below.

Hell no. Man enough to record it on video, then that’s on him,” Irving said. “I’m glad that he got his name out there and then kinda five seconds of fame and it going viral. That’s the social media platform we live on. I take full responsibility what I said — excuse the kids at home — and you move on.”

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