Niko Wants out and Seriously, Where the Hell Was Fred Hoiberg?

The Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic saga continues as K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported on Thursday there’s possibility Mirotic would pass on a veto and accept a trade out of Chicago.  Johnson also reported that the Bulls could not trade Mirotic until January 18th.  

In an incident that occurred the day before the Bulls season opener, Portis and Mirotic were jawing with each other when Portis threw a punch that resulted in Mirotic being hospitalized and Portis getting suspended by the team for eight games.  Mirotic is said to need surgery for his injuries sustained during the altercation but cannot have surgery until he has cleared the concussion protocol which has not yet, his next concussion evaluation is next week.  

The big question for all of this is, where the hell was Bull’s head coach Fred Hoiberg?  These two reportedly were battling and jawing back and forth throughout the offseason as they were both fighting for a starting job and minutes.  If these reports are true, a team’s head coach should have intervened at some point to stop this before it escalated to the level that it did.  Through his tenure with the Bulls, Hoiberg has shown he has absolutely no control over the Bulls locker room and yet the front office stubbornly stands behind him.  With the clear and public disrespect that Jimmy Butler showed towards Hoiberg while he was with the team, you’d think that the front office would understand this man isn’t reaching his professional athletes.  Until Hoiberg is gone, incidents like this should be expected from the Bulls.

The Bulls aren’t just a rebuilding team, they’re a joke of an organization with a joke of a front office and a joke of a head coach.   

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