White Sox Championship Forgotten, Again

Chicago White Sox fans have had to deal with the reality that they are the less popular team in Chicago for quite some time now.  This was highlighted last year during the Chicago Cubs World Series run when ESPN was comparing the number of total championships won in Chicago and in Cleveland since 1965.  

For reasons unknown, ESPN forgot the White Sox won in 2005.  

Not only did the White Sox win, but they put forth one of the most impressive postseason runs in MLB history winning 11 games and only losing one.  During that run the White Sox also saw four pitchers throwing complete games for victories in the ALCS, seems like something a national sports conglomerate would remember.  Well, they forgot… AGAIN!

ESPN Stats & Info twitter page posted and deleted a tweet stating the Dodgers were currently at 7-1 during the postseason and only the 1998 Yankees had managed to win the World Series with two or few losses in the Wild Card Era.  Well, that’s not true.  The White Sox managed to win the World Series with only one loss, they’re the only team in the Wild Card Era to win with only one loss.  

I overlooked the blunder last year, but two years in a row?! By the same outlet?! For one of the best postseason runs in MLB history?! White Sox fans, you have a reason to be mad.  

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